Live Life To The Fullest

Recently I was fortunate enough to run into some money. Instead of leaving my common sense behind for an amphetamine-charged escapade to the seediest parts of Las Vegas, I decided to bring the vacation to my home instead by looking into a hot tub.

Even though I’d been inside of hot tubs before, buying one for myself was brand new territory. I knew that swimming pools should be checked on for chlorine every now and then, but how should I guarantee the safety of a hot tub? I began looking for the best hot tubs Stockton CA had to offer. The hot tub dealer assured me that I wouldn’t have to worry about my hot tub boiling me alive like a Maine lobster as long as I kept the temperature within a steady range of 100 to 104 degrees; any higher than that would be less like relaxation and closer to ascetic hot water torture.

The hot tub dealer also let me know that the best way for me to use the hot tub was in a fashion that wouldn’t create a huge spike in my energy bill. In order to keep my hot tub’s energy expenditure at a manageable level, I was told to always keep an eye on the standby power it consumes.

I mentioned that I planned on mostly using the hot tub for the purpose of hydrotherapy (a nice way to communicating that I was going to soak in it plastered on red wine after work 5 times a week), and so I was given a rundown of different kinds of jets made for treating different medical conditions. My only real “medical condition” is currently a pathological addition to corny romantic movies, so I settled for just getting the standard whirlpool features.

I was asked where I planned on actually putting the hot tub, and after resisting the urge to just say “anywhere that I can roll over into it”, I told the hot tub dealer that I planned on keeping it in the backyard. Since the area that I live in can get pretty chilly towards the end of the year, I was told that it would be best to get a tub that can retain its heat well. I am happy to say that since buying the tub, not only has it retained its heat splendidly, but it’s also done a splendid job of retaining my sanity.

Where To Go

Since my roof started leaking about 2 days ago, I have been up and about the city of San Jose CA trying to find the best material to replace it with. I’ve been using brick slates but now it was time to try a different material altogether. Well, the first day of searching didn’t bear any fruits when I realized there was not one supply store near me or my neighborhood.

Tired of doing physical searches, I decided to try my luck online, and that’s where things stared shaping up. The first result I got was a website belonging to a roofing company about 3 blocks away. They had various types of materials that clients could choose from for their homes including asphalt shingles, synthetic and different metal strains.

After thorough contemplation, I decided to settle on copper roofing since its features excited me more than all the others. Unlike its counterparts, it’s long-lasting and can live for up to 100 yrs without requiring any major maintenance or repairs. Moreover, it usually changes color as it ages from the standard tan to a nice greenish shade which adds aesthetic appeal to the house.

I was lucky to discover that the seller also provided installation services right on site, which is much cheaper than buying materials from one person and getting another specialist to do the fitting. Being a first time customer, the company gave me amazing discount on the purchased items of up to 10% off the original price. This allowed me to save even more money meeting the project’s needs. Something that wouldn’t have been possible if I had sought these services from another company.

I advise anyone who wants to get roof repair San Jose style to consider going online first, rather than scouting for service providers on foot from one store to another. It’s much more convenient and the chances of getting discount on products offered is also considerably high. My newly installed copper roof also comes with a warranty though I doubt ever having to use it anytime in the future, considering that this material is very much durable.

Nevertheless, before choosing any particular contractor to work with ensure that they have duly been registered by relevant regulation authorities. This simple step will protect you from fraud that is otherwise common on the web. After the installation, now I have the best roof in my neighborhood and others around me are also starting to follow suit.

Protect Those Muscles

Having taken up martial arts well into adulthood, I expected to encounter a steep learning curve … along with taxing my less-than-ideal fitness levels. I hadn’t had much of a workout since my school days.

Not just tough aerobically, the training also involved many muscles I’d forgotten about, and many more I didn’t even know I had. And, oh, they weren’t exaggerating when they said it’s a contact sport.

In very short order I discovered that trips to dojo were much easier if they were followed by stops to see a chiropractor.

Those visits came at the recommendation of a friend who saw me walking gingerly and wincing while bending or turning early on in my martial arts studies. Having suffered chronic neck pain, she’d found relief in traditional chiropractic treatments. “Why not give it shot?” she said.

The first visit to her local chiropractic doctor was informative, putting a name to some of my lingering issues (knees and hips thanks to high school football), and an analysis of my posture that showed a tendency to favor my left side. I also was prone to a slight over pronation – he had to explain that one to me, but the wear pattern on my shoes came in handy for that.

That knowledge was educational, but it was when I first got on the table that I knew I’d come to the right place. The manipulations went straight to the aches that had reappeared in the dojo, limiting my range of motion while kicking … among a host of other issues. Newly discovered muscles, remember?

Over time in my training, working up the ranks found new and wonderful aches and pains developing. Some of the were short term – lifting your elbow too high and getting a kick in the ribs is a reminder of why blocking is important; the bruises do go away, though – but it was my chiropractor who traced the periodic numbness and tingling in my fingers to my rotator cuffs. A new spot to work on, some new exercises, and it was back to sparring (I was on my own with remembering to watch my guard, however).

One of the reasons I’d taken up martial arts was to get active again after several years of being sedentary – sitting at a desk all day – and to ward off the surprising number of problems that come with being hunched over a computer for hours on end. Who knew?

Perhaps something less energetic – and less punchy/kicky – might have been a better idea, but I certainly wasn’t going to quit the martial arts due to boredom. At any rate, the training both demanded a better range of motion for my joints and muscles, and helped expand that range. My chiropractor made sure everything worked properly, that it didn’t hurt so much, and that I didn’t overdo it when attempting to show that I still could.

He couldn’t make me stop doing stupid things, but he could make the pain go away when I did.